Customize the look of your registration site

You have a couple of options when it comes to changing the look of your ASAP registration site. The first option is free, although it requires some knowledge of CSS, which is the code we use to make your site look the way it does. I explain this option below.

Customizing your site with a SiteWrap

The second option is to order a SiteWrap. With a SiteWrap we copy your existing marketing website ( and put our registration site code inside of it. What you end up with is an online registration site that's almost identical to your existing site.

To order a SiteWrap, login to your account and go to the work order page (Get Help > ASAP Account > Custom Work Order). Put "SiteWrap" in the project tile field and put a link to your existing site in the description. Someone will respond to you shortly with an estimate and an ETA.

We do not have designers at ASAP so we cannot help you with the design of your registration site unless you already have a design for us to copy.

Editing your registration site's CSS

CSS (short for Cascading Style Sheets) is the code web developers use to make a web site look the way it does. It's not a difficult code to learn so there are a lot of people who know how to write it. If you're familiar with CSS or know someone (or can hire someone) who is, you can pretty much make your registration site look however you want it to.

To get started, click Configure > Online Registration Site, and then click the "Edit your Website Template" link seen below:

Next, click the Copy link to make a new copy of your CSS file. This is an extremely important step! By creating a copy of your file to work on, if you make any mistakes, you will still have the original file.

After you have made a copy (it'll appear at the bottom of the list of CSS files), click the Activate link. Any changes you make to the CSS in the new copy (making all of your fonts blue for example) will now appear on your registration site.

If you make a mistake and you want your site to use the original CSS, just click the Activate link for that file. You can make as many copies of your CSS file to work on as you want.

To get started editing your CSS, click the Edit CSS link. To see what the changes you've made will look like on your site, click the Save button just below the CSS box, open your registration site in a new tab in your browser, and reload the page.  Repeat this process until you are happy with the results.

Note: We cannot fix any changes that you make to your CSS, so please remember to make a copy of your CSS before you begin!

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