Promoting classes on your home page with Featured Classes

Featured classes are a powerful way to market specific classes that you want to appear on your public registration homepage.

NOTE:  Featured Classes and Customize Your Homepage may not be used at the same time. They occupy the same space, so choose to use one or the other. This includes any HTML text that might be remaining in the HTML tab in the Customize Your Homepage section. Make sure you have cleared the HTML tab in the Customize Your Homepage section of all text before you attempt to choose featured classes. If you want to add copy to go along with your featured classes, go to Configure/Online Registration Site/Add a Message to a page and choose Homepage.  Here you can add copy and it will appear along with your featured classes.

Once you have navigated here from configure | online registration site, select 1 Choose Featured Classes.

Select the 2 time period you want to pull the featured class from, select the 3 location you want to pull the featured class from (or leave this as All Locations), select the 4 course group you are working with, the 5 course you are working with and the specific 6 class you are working with. You will see a preview of the class you have chosen 7 here. When finished, click 8 Feature this Class. Repeat as often as you want to, to post as many featured classes as you would like to post.

When you have posted featured classes, you will see them displayed 9 here.

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    Jodie Rasmussen

    How do I turn off the customized home page so that the featured classes will show up? If I delete the message it is just blank so there must be a setting somewhere.


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    Emily Freitas

    Hi Jodie,

    Thanks for contacting us.

    When you delete the message, we recommend that you check to see if the HTML is also completely deleted. To do this, simply click on the “HTML” view at the bottom of the text area. If there is any content at all in this view, delete it. However, if it is already blank, you may contact support at for further assistance.

    Thank you,


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