Update your Authorize.net Gateway Information

1. Make sure that Authorize.net has your merchant account configured for the gateway account.
2. Next, once Authorize.net has given you the information for your account, you will need to log into your authorize.net account so that you can acquire your API Login and Transaction Key. Follow these steps to get the API Login and Trans Key:

  • Log into Authorize.net
  • Select Account in the top bar
  • Under Security Settings, Select API Login and Transaction Key
  • Your API Login will be listed and you will either see the transaction key or need to generate a new one.
  • In a second window, open the admin site ASAP.
  • Arrange the windows so that you can see both at the same time.
  • In ASAP, Click Configure | Preferences and under Payment and Transaction Configuration, Click Update Gateway Information.
  • A new box will appear prompting you to select a gateway, select Authorize.net.
  • Jumping back to the window that is open for Authorize.net, note the API Login and type that in the API Login field for ASAP. Repeat this process for the Transaction Key.
  • Save the settings and confirm save when you receive a message stating that a previous configuration has already been detected.
  • You will now be connected to the authorize.net account and transaction can begin.
  • There is a live mode for Authorize.net that needs to be turned on.
  • Live/Test Modes can be turned on or off under the General Security Settings found in the authorize.net account.
  • RUN A TEST TRANSACTION. Do this with a live credit card through either your admin or public portals. If the transaction doesn't process, type the API and Transaction Keys again and save changes. Repeat these steps until you have a valid credit card transaction. Once you have tested your gateway, you can either void the transaction in authorize.net immediately, drop the student from the class and process an offline refund OR you can wait 24 hours until the batch clears through your gateway and you can drop and give a full credit card refund through ASAP. Just remember, a refund is not the same thing as a credit.

3. Finally, contact ASAP so we can update our records to reflect the changes that you made.

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