Setting up deposits for classes

The following explains how to configure your ASAP account to accept deposits, and how to enter a deposit amount for a particular class.

  1. Go to Configure – Preferences to turn deposits on.
  2. Under the "Payment and Transaction Configuration" section you will find a preference to "Allow users to pay deposit-only for valid courses". Click "Edit" to modify this preference, and turn ON deposits.
  3. Next find a course that you want to configure for a deposit and edit that course.
  4. When you have deposits turned ON in your preferences you will see the option for "Deposit Amount" near the bottom of your Course Edit form.

That's it. Now your customers will get the option to either pay in full, OR to "Pay Deposit Amount Only".

Remember, if your customers choose to pay only the deposit their enrollment will be marked as "Pending" until their Invoice is paid in full (or until it is manually updated).


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