Account Credits and Generic Credits

Account credits are monies that sit in an account that can be used by a customer for a future purchase on your ASAP site. They differ from a credit card refund in that these are not monies being that are refunded to the original method of payment and/or to cash or a check.

Credits can be used on both your admin and your public ASAP sites and are shared by all members of a family. Credits can be cashed out to a check or cash (not to a credit card). Click here for more information about this.

Account credits are something that can automatically be posted to an account when you process a refund. Click here for our Registrar Guide to learn more about drops/transfers/refunds.

PLEASE NOTE! It's IMPERATIVE that you DO NOT VOID an invoice that has credit issued on it. If you do this and the credit has already been used, the invoice where the credit was used will actually show as a CHARGE where you would expect the credit to appear --it will appear with credit applied in parentheses ($10.00)/negative credit/charge because you will have used credit that technically never existed because the source of the credit, the invoice where the credit was issued in the first place, was voided.

You can also give a student a generic credit (if it’s configured in your system in Configure | Preferences | Payment and Transaction Configuration) and if you have a user access level that allows you to view/edit financial information.

 Credit can be applied to invoices either from the public side or the admin side. If a student has credit in their account and goes online to register or pay an invoice, they will have a link that allows them to apply the credit toward the invoice. If the credit is less than the amount for items in the cart, the customer can apply the credit to the invoice and pay the rest. If the credit is more than the amount, the amount of credit needed to pay the invoice would be applied and the rest of the credit would remain in the customer’s account.

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