Collapsing and expanding your course listings

The default collapse number for courses on your public site is 10. What this basically means is that when a customer chooses a 1 Course Group from your public left nav panel, if you have less than 10 courses within the course group, your customers will see something like 2 this. The customer will need to 3 scroll down to see not only all of the classes and all of the course titles. The courses collapse to course title only if you have 10 courses or more within the course group.

To change the amount of courses that will cause the list to collapse, go to your admin site and from the left nav panel, select 4 Configure | Preferences. Scroll down to the Public Site area and select 5 Edit. Change the 6 number of courses you want your online registration to collapse to and click Save.

This is what your 7 public site might look like after you make a change to your collapse threshold.

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