Reservations Overview

Reservations are one way that you can package and market your offerings. Reservations are not tied to Time Periods like classes are and offer a great deal of flexibility.  You can make reservations available for 4 types of items:  Facilities, Instructors, Equipment, and Activities. This allows you to rent out any number of things that you may want to make available to your customers including, but not limited to, meeting/conference/screening/party rooms, sports/technical equipment, kitchen space, tutors or experts on a particular topic, swim/gymnastics/horseback riding lessons, photo labs, tours...if you can think it up you can create reservation availability for it.
This is an example of what a reservation resource might look like on your ASAP public site. Note 1 Reservations is available on the public left navigation panel, the 2 categories are available beneath that and 3 registrants can select slots.

The Reservations Module is a separate component and does not automatically come with your ASAP account. Contact ASAP for more information about using this powerful module.

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