Configure Resource Group

Resource Groups are very similar to Course Groups. You can set them up either before or after you create the item you are making available for reservations, but setting them up first is recommended.

This is also how your reservation resources will appear on the left nav panel (like courses appear beneath course groups). You must place a reservation resource within a resource group in order to have that resource appear on your public ASAP site.

From the left nav panel, select 1 Configure | Resource Groups. Select the 2 resource type that you are configuring the resource group for (this example is configuring an activity resource group. Select 3 add new, if you are ready to place the resource group online tick 4 show online (you can leave this unmarked and post later if you want to). Type a 5 name for the resource group, upload an 6 image (optional), type a short 7 description for the resource group. 8 AutoSend email is currently not functional--stay tuned for updates on this. Select 9, 10 both save buttons (9 and then 10). You will see a message confirming that you successfully saved the resource group.

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