Invoice Report


The Invoice Report can be run with the following invoice statuses: All (except void), All (include void), Paid, Partial, Pending, Processing, Unpaid and Void. It can also be run based on a date range. Adding multiple filters to the report will give you a more specific set of invoices. If you have the Company Module turned on, you will also have the option to run the report for all invoices, company invoices or both.

The report shows each invoice as a line item. Each line item, and many sub-items, can be expanded (by clicking the green plus sign at the far left of each row) to open more detail about the invoice.

Unopened invoices show the following details: Invoice ID, Invoice Date, First Name, Last Name, Company (if applicable), Invoice Status, Invoice Sub Total, Discounts and Total.

Opened / expanded invoices will show this additional information: item name, item cost, quantities, discounts, total cost, refund amount, payment applied, transaction date, payment amount, payment type, gateway transaction id, processed by, check number and transaction notes.

This report can be exported to Excel and there is a link to send the invoices to customers directly from this report.

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