Report Sample: Enrollment Report (Students/Classes)

This report shows class enrollment. Date parameters may be selected by block of time (today, yesterday, last week, last month, last year) or by a specified date range.

This report must be run for one time period at a time, but can be run for a variety of enrollment statuses and for both in-house registration and online registration or for both. Other filters include site, teacher, course group, course and class.

This report gives you a summary of the enrollment statuses you have chosen. It also shows enrollment date and time, first name, last name, class name, enrollment status, class code, first class date and amount paid. There is a link to the right of each line item that takes you to the student detail screen for the enrollment.

The variables in the columns can be collected with the symbol at the top of each column. Select the symbol that you want to use and type the variable that you want to see based on that symbol.

This report can be exported as an Excel file or as a PDF.

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