Report Sample: Session Roster (Students/Classes)

This report shows a roster for each session within a specified event/conference.

This report must be run for one enrollment status at at time (enrolled, pending and waitlist) and may be run for one or all time periods, teachers, and courses (events, conferences). Two data fields can be exported for this report, and invoice data and course questions and answers can be included on this report.

This report shows one session per page.

This report shows the start and end dates for the conference, the day of the session, the start and end times of the session, the class code, the time period, the primary instructor, the location, and the count for the following:  minimum enrollment, capacity, enrolled, pending and waitlist. This report also lists students enrolled in the session(s) with phone number and specified data fields.

This report can be exported to a variety of formats and can be printed

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