Additional Reports and Queries

In addition to the robust reports available to you in the reports listing, ASAP has created a growing set of queries that you can order that may be of use to your organization.

From the left nav of your admin site, select 1 View Reports 2 Master Reports and scroll to the bottom of the screen.


Click 3 Click here to BROWSE our list of extended Custom Queries

Scroll down the page to view all of the queries available for order (note that the cost of each query is visible to the far right of the line item, even if the query is free). To preview the query, click 4 Click here to Preview. To order the report, click 5 Order This Report.

You will be brought to a screen that gives you two options 6 Back to Master Reports list (which is what this example will follow) will take you back to the Master Reports list that will allow you to immediately run the query and 7 Find More Custom Queries, which takes you back to the queries available for order.


The query/queries you ordered will be available to you at the 8 bottom of the Master Reports list.

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