Customize your email templates

Your ASAP account comes with three email templates. ASAP uses these templates when it sends automated emails to your customers. The templates are:

  1. "Payment Template" - This email goes out automatically whenever a customer pays you money. If the customer registers for a class, purchases a product, or makes a recurring billing payment or a payment on a payment plan, they'll receive this email. This is also the template that ASAP uses if you ever manually email a paid invoice from the invoice page.
  2. "Payment Due Template" - ASAP will send this email to a customer if they have a recurring billing or payment plan payment due, or if they enroll in a class but don't pay you for it. This is also the template that ASAP uses if you ever manually email an unpaid invoice from the invoice page.
  3. "Reminder" - This is the template ASAP uses to send out class reminders, if you have reminders enabled.

You can edit the subject and the messaging in these emails if you like:

  1. Go to Configure > Manage Emails > Manage My Email Templates
  2. Click the Edit link next to the template you wish to edit
  3. Edit the Subject line to say something like, Your Receipt from XXXX School
  4. If you're editing the Payment Template or Payment Due Template you can replace the default message that appears at the top of those emails by entering a new message in the "Upper Message" box. You can also add a message to the bottom using the "Lower Message" box. You can also edit the subject line that the customer will see when they receive the email.
  5. If you're editing the Reminder template just edit the text you see in the text box
  6. Click Save when you're done.

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