Student usernames and passwords

If a student calls or emails you and tells you he/she is having problems logging in and/or resetting his/her password, here are some tips and links to articles to help with this.

1. There is an approximate 15 minute time lag between when the password is reset and when it will be recognized by the system. If your student is reporting that he/she reset the password but it isn't working, tell the student to try again in 15 minutes.

2. Make sure your student has used the forgot password link on your public registration site. If the student says he/she has already done this but has not received the password reset email, remind him/her to check SPAM and junkmail folders. The password reset email might be there.

3. If the student still says he/she isn't getting the password reset email, navigate to the student account page, navigate to the student account page. From the Student Details screen, select View / Create Family Account and select View Login Information. Make sure that the email address the student is using is accurate. It's possible the student forgot which email address he / she used or that the student has multiple accounts associated with different email addresses.

4. Make sure the student is attempting to log in with the correct username (above, left side of white box). If the student is using a username that is different than the one you see listed, give the student the correct username and instruct the student to attempt to log in with this username.

5. If the student still seems to be having problems, you can temporarily replace the email address (above) with your own, so that you get the password reset email sent to your account. Make sure to switch back to the customer's email address once this is complete.

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