Seasonal Restart Checklist

This checklist will help you get all of your ducks in a row for the upcoming new season. Follow the links included to get to videos/articles about the items on the checklist. Follow the links to the video and/or article. You may not need to make many changes or additions to your data, but this checklist will help you make sure that you are current and up to date on all variables:
  • Run a test credit card transaction through your payment gateway to make sure that your gateway information is still valid.Contact your sales representative or email if you would like more information about our Site Wrap or any of the modules (products, conferences, etc.)  that you aren't currently using.
  • Make sure that you are using the correct URL for your public site: 
               (xxx=your Company ID)
  • Download the QuickStart Guide for a general refresher/overview 
  • Create new G|L Codes (optional--meant for organizations using General Ledger (G/L) account reporting tools)
  • Create new Locations (help video & help article)
  • Create new Staff/Users (help video & help article)
  • Create new/amend Reg forms
  • Create new Time Period(s)
  • Create new Holidays
  • Create any new Course Groups (help video & help article) that you will need for the new season
  • Create any new Courses (help video & help article) that you will need for the new season
  • Create any new Classes
                 - From a new Course (help video & help article)
                 - Roll any previously scheduled Classes to the new Time Period/ season                         
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