Create Staff/Users

Creating Staff / Users allows you to give employees access to your ASAP admin site and lets you create people that you can assign to classes, etc. 

To create a new staff member/user, select Create New Staff/User from the left nav panel.   This will take you to the Employee / New page. 

Select the type of user this new staff member will be. If this staff member will be a teacher, make sure This user is an instructor is selected. For example, you might have a user who is both a registrar and an instructor.   Skip Group.

Enter a Staff Number (optional) a User Name which is often the staff member's email address, and a Password.  Feel free to use any pattern/system that works for your organization, but remember that if you have a large amount of employees, you might want to create user names that are more unique/less likely to be used more than once.  Each User Name must be unique, so you might use first initial/last name:  John Doe becomes jdoe.

Continue to enter any detailed information about the employee. This information will be available to your customers on your public site when they select an instructor's name.

If you want this employee to be able to see all customers in the database, select  Allow access to all customers. If you don't select this and the employee is a teacher, he/she will only be able to see the students in his/her classes.  For now, ignore Limit Access to a single site/location and Make this staff available for public reservations. These two boxes are only used with ASAP's reservations module.

Continue to input the employee's Personal Information. Enter the First Name, Last Name, email address (required) and select gender. If desired, enter the rest of the demographic information. If you are uploading an image, remember that it must be a JPG file. Finally, save the new employee record.

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    Dustin Kreidler

    Please update this to include all of the options now available at staff creation time.

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