Edit Recurring Billing for a Specific Student

If you need to edit an existing recurring billing cycle for a specific student registered in a class with a recurring billing or invoicing schedule, do the following:

Find the class with the recurring billing or invoicing cycle and select the 1 student you are working with/the one you are editing the recurring billing/invoicing cycle for.

This will take you to the Student/Class detail page.  Scroll down the page to the BillingSchedule Info section (shown below). From here you can do the following: 2 view the details of the billing/invoicing schedule, 3 cancel the subscription for the student, 4 edit, 5 cancel, or 6 generate a specific (current) invoice and add a 7 new invoice.

Editing the invoice allows you to change a billing date or an amount due on a specific invoice.

Cancelling the invoice will cancel the invoice from being generated.

Generating the invoice will generate the invoice the moment you click the link, will show as processed and can be paid and will no longer be available to edit or cancel from this page.

NOTE regarding security and the Saved Credit Card feature:  If ASAP stores credit card information based on Preference Settings or the use of ASAP Recurring Billing, that card information is encrypted within the ASAP database according to PCI guidelines (https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/index.php). At no time is the card information viewable by a customer, ASAP user or member of ASA's staff. Only limited information needed to identify a card is available such as last four digits, type and expiration date. ASA takes data security and card processing requirements very seriously. ASA maintains PCI-DSS compliance at all times and is a registered Service Provider with both Visa and MasterCard. 

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