Begin setting up a company by selecting 1 Create | Company. Type a 2 Name for the company/organization, the 3 URL (optional) the 4 company name, any 5 notes you may want to include for the company (optional) and the 6 company tax ID (optional)

Type the 7 address and 8 primary contact information for the company. Click 9 save.

You will be brought to the company detail screen. In the future, when you need to find a company, do so by selecting 10 Find | Companies. If you need to edit anything about the company's demographics, click 11 Edit. To add an employee to the company, click 12 Add Employees.

Complete the 13 demographic information for the students/registrants in the company. Repeat steps 12 and 13 as often as you need to, to add as many students/registrants that you need to, for this company.

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