Priority registration

Note: This feature is not available on the Go site

Priority registration allows you to give priority to a specific group so that they can see and register for all classes in a specified time period on a date before registration opens for the rest of your students. When you use priority registration, anyone assigned to the group that you have specified must log into your public site in order to see the classes on the priority registration date.

Use these instructions if you want to allow a specific customer group to register for a class before you allow the general population to see/register for classes in this time period.

First, you must configure a customer group to add students to. This is the customer group that you will select for priority registration. From the left nav panel, select 1 Configure | Customer Groups.

Select 2 Add New (in the future, if you want to select this group to add customers to it, remove customers from it or delete it, select it from the drop down to the left). Continue to create the new customer group and type the 3 name and click 4 Save.

Make sure that you see the 5 name of the customer group here, to be sure you are adding customers to the correct group. select any of the available 6 filters and use the search box if you are looking for a particular student and click 7 Search. If you want to add all students in the found set, select 8 Add All Students. To add individual students, select the green plus sign to the right of each student that you want to add to the customer group. View the 10 selected students on the right side of this screen. To remove a student from this customer group, select the 11 recycle bin to the right of the student record. When you have added/removed all students so that only the correct students are in the customer group, select 12 Save.

Now you're ready to tell your system when this customer group should be allowed to register. From the left nav panel, select 13 Configure | Online Registration. Select the 14 time period you are working with. If you haven't already, 15 establish the date and time for the normal online registration date/time range for this time period. Click here for more information about how to do this.

Tick the 16 Allow priority registration tickbox. Select a 17 date for this priority registration period to open (the end date will be the same as the regular online registration end date for this time period--you are only establishing a separate begin date for this group). Select 18 Customer Group and select the 19 customer group you are configuring for priority registration. When finished, click20 Save.

Now, when the priority registration date comes up, anyone who logs into your public page and is a part of the customer group you just configured for priority registration, will be able to see and register for classes in this time period. Classes in this time period will become visible to anyone else navigating to your public website on the date that general registration opens.


You might want to add 21 custom messaging on your homepage or your login page to alert registrants to log in, in order to be able to see these classes during the priority registration period. Click here to learn more about custom messaging.

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    Is there a team working on getting priority registration on the GO site? Seems strange to switch over to a system with less perks than the old one.

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