Product Relationships and Upselling

This feature is designed to associate products with classes. Imagine that you have a class that will teach your students how to decorate a cake. If you are selling cake decorating supplies that will be used in the class, you could associate those cake decorating supplies with the cake decorating class and either suggest those items to anyone purchasing the class or require those items to be purchased with the class. If you require the item, the student will not be able to purchase the class without purchasing the product.

This assumes that you already have products created. Click here to learn more about creating products.

Begin by selecting 1 Create | Product Relationships from the left nav panel. On the left side of the Products Relationships screen, select the 2 Primary Item. This is the item that will be in the customer's shopcart. Select the 3 specific item that you will associate the product with. When you have found the item you want to associate the product with click 4 Add.

Select the type of 5 Related Item that you want to associate with the Primary Item that you just selected. Select the 6 specific item and click 7 add.

Use 8 this button to switch the Primary and Related items (if you need to do this, which, likely, you won't need to). Select the 9 item that you are relating to the primary item, select whether or not you want the item to be 10 required and select 11 create new relationships.

From the left nav panel, select 12 Configure | Preferences

Scroll to the bottom and make sure Use Product Relationships and Upselling is marked 13 Yes

Now, when a student selects the 14 primary item on your public site, the item will be 15automatically added to the shopcart (if you have made this a required item) and they will see an option to 16 change the quantity. On the bottom of the screen, they will see a message that says the 17 item is in the cart. If the item was not required, the item would be available here for purchase.

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