Sell Products on Admin (QuickReg)

Technically, you currently can't sell a product via QuickReg, but there is a way to redirect from QuickReg and sell products because QuickReg manages registrations for classes only. These instructions will show you how to add a product to an invoice via QuickReg.

From an existing invoice, select 1 Add More Items to This Invoice. Select 2 Product as the type of item you want to add and click 3 Go.

This takes you to registrar mode. If the student is a member of a family, select the 4student (if you aren't using families, you won't need to select a student). Select 5 Product as the item type, select the appropriate 6 product category , the correct 7 product and the 8 quantity. When finished, click 9 Add This Product.


If you need to cancel the transaction/purchase, click 10 Cancel & Exit. To generate a new invoice, click 11 Generate Invoice. To add to an existing invoice, click 12 Add to Invoice and make sure you have the correct invoice selected (this is what we are doing in this transaction because we are coming from QuickEnroll).

You will be brought to the invoice you started on. Notice that you have 13 both the original class and the new product on the invoice.

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