Enrollment Charts (beta)

Enrollment charts show a graphic display of either new vs returning students by time period or unduplicated enrollments over a date range.

From the left nav panel in reports, select 1 master reports and 2 enrollment charts (beta)

To run the New vs Returning Students report, select 4 New vs Returning, choose the 5 time period you want to see the data for and click 6 filter. You will see a 7 graphic representation of new vs returning students within a time period.

To run the Unduplicated Students report, select 8 Unduplicated Enrollments, choose how you want to 9 display the data (by time period, weekly, monthly or annually), select a 9 date range and click 10 Filter. You can 11 export the data to Excel, view the 12 source data and view the 13unduplicated students report.

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