Class Roster Report

The Class Roster report is a very efficient way to print a roster for all or one teacher/course group/course/class/site. 

From the left nav panel, select 1 View Reports | Master Reports. Select Class Roster

Select a Time Period to pull rosters from. Select all teachers or a specific teacher. Select all course groups or a specific course group. Select all courses or a specific course. Select all classes or a specific class. Select an enrollment status or all enrollment statuses. Select 9 all sites or a specific site.  Select 10 course questions and answers (not common). Select 11 show invoice data (this will replace data fields 3&4) or skip this step. Select 12 a specific department or leave as all departments (if you don't use departments, skip this step).  Select the 13-16 4 data fields that you want to use (this information will come from the student registration form). If you want to use or configure a specific template, do so 17 here(not common). When you have made your selections, click 18 Show Roster.

Notice how many 19 pages there are (there will be many more pages if you are selecting all teachers as seen above than selecting just one teacher). Use these arrows to navigate through the pages. Select a 20 export format and click Export or simply 21 print the rosters.

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