Report Sample: Courses by Course Group

The Courses by Course Group Report shows a list of all course groups and the courses that each course group contains. If you have courses that are cross filed (placed in more than one course group), the courses will show up in multiple listings here.
You have the option to show IDs and codes in the report. This report will show the IDs and the codes, if selected, and will show the course groups and courses either way. Find this report under Master Reports | Miscellaneous.

This report can be exported to a variety of formats and can be printed.

OPTION 1: Show Courses in CourseGroups Details Grid Report (most useful)

You will see a "1" in the Course Group column if the course is assigned to it. 

Export to Excel for much easier viewing and manipulating, such as sorting by specific Course Groups.

OPTION 2: Show ID's and Codes in Report -- printable format as shown below


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