Configuring your Setup Data

Setup data contains areas that you can customize to optimize your ASAP website. Depending on which modules you have enabled, you may see more or less in your org setup data section than you do here.

From the left nav panel, select Configure and Setup Data

Customer types are rarely something that you will need to add. Even if you have multiple levels of membership, all of your customers will likely be the same type of customer (regular). Customer types are most commonly used for creating separate registration forms, which also does not happen very often. You might be asking for different information from your minor students than you would from students over the age of 18. It is advised that you create broad registration forms that cover all of the demographic information that you want to collect.

If you do need to add a customer type, do so here.

Fee types are the kinds of things that you charge your customers. When you set up a fee at the course or class level, for example, you are also telling the system what kind of fee you are charging. When you start using your ASAP site, you will already have Registration and Materials Fee Types available when you. If you need to add any other fee types, do so here.

If you are using the Events module, you will see a section in Configure | Setup Data about Event Ticket Fee Types. Click here for more information about setting up Events.

G|L Codes (General Ledger Codes) are sometimes assigned fees and discounts as another way to track how revenue comes into your organization. Most organizations don't use these, but they are here if you are planning to use them.

Note that you will need to configure G|L codes for use within your system before you will be able to add them here. Click here for more information about using G|L codes in ASAP.

Type a name and a code for your G|L accounts and click save. Select the "Show Inactive Accounts" if you want to display your archived codes.

Several of the terminology pieces can be edited with custom terminology. For example, some organizations call their students Campers or Participants. These changes can be made here. There is a column for 11 singular and 12 plural terms. You can change one or both of these for each of the listed items. Click 13 Edit Custom Terms to make these changes and save the changes you have made.

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