Pre-Launch/New Year Items to Configure

This checklist includes links to articles and videos that will help you get your Preferences, Setup Data, Registration Form and Waivers configured.  These are all items that you will want to work with before launching your ASAP public site.

Configure Preferences--(article) Includes options for many settings within ASAP including contact information, payment information and preferences
Configure Setup Data--(article) Includes options for settings including payment types, G|L account settings, configuring absorbing or passing on the ASAP service fee and customizing some terminology
Configure Reg Form-- (video) Allows you to configure the default and create additional registration forms.
Configure Waivers-- (article) Allows you to create waivers that your registrants will need to accept before completing registration

Reminders - Set yourself reminders now for the following expiry dates:

  • Online Registration - make a note of the date that your classes will disappear from the Public site based on the dates in Configure > Online Registration for each time period
  • Discounts - make a note of the dates your discounts will no longer be valid based on the expiry date field, in Configure > Discounts

Also check the following:

  • Send automated receipts - if you want your students to receive an email confirmation on payment (either in Public or processed by you in Admin) go to Configure > Preferences > Preference > Email Invoice on Payment - set to Yes
  • Online Registration - to make your classes available for online registration, turn them on in Configure > Online Registration > select the time period(s) and enter dates that students can enroll in.  You can still enroll them directly in the Admin side outside of these dates. 
  • Email Templates - add headers and footers, or edit existing texts, to emails that are sent automatically based on an action, such as enrollment without pay, or a class starting soon.  Go to Configure > Manage Emails > click on Manage My Email Templates.  The Payment Due (for Pending Enrollments) and Payment Templates (for confirmation of payment) allow you to add header and footer text around the details of the enrollment.  Many schools choose the footer space to reiterate the withdrawal and refund policies and to encourage students to check details of the enrollment now to avoid disappointment later. 
  • Class Status - If you have your classes set to Read Only and want to change them all to Active (sometimes you'll want to promote your classes before you open registration), you can change that settings using the Custom Query, Update Class Status for All classes in Time Period.  To add this to your account, go to Master Reports and scroll to the end of the page to click the link Click Here to Browse our List of Extended Custom Queries.   

Outside of ASAP, remember to communicate information about the launch to your families via email and in posters and notifications on campus.  Also make sure all staff and faculty know - even if they're not going to be using the system, they will want to be able to answer some questions students may ask them.  

Here's an example of an email to send to your families:


Dear XXXX Family

As you've hopefully heard by now, we are beginning use of a new automated registration system, called ASAPConnected.  This will make everyone's lives easier, speed up some processes and provide all of us with access to clear and up-to-date information. We have created accounts for all of our current students so you don't need to do anything other than log in and look around. 

Please retain this for reference as it contains useful information.

Please log in to your account and check that the information we entered is still accurate and make an updates necessary. You can log in here (link to Login page).

Your username is (this email address)

Your (temporary) password is (either tell them or link here to the page where they can request a password)

As part of our community, we'd like you to know a few things about the tools available to you in your online account.

Family info
Maintain and update key information section for all family members in the My Personal Info. You can update this contact information at any time.

Keep track of all billing activities, save credit card and echeck (if available) details, view your payment schedules

See enrollments for all family members on one page, request changes to Private Lesson schedules (if available) and view all your enrollments on your custom Calendar

Upload documents from your family

Please check here to make sure you are up to date with all of our school waivers.

Of course, you can always reach us via email (insert org email address) and phone (insert org phone number)

We look forward to seeing you soon.


Your friends at (organization name)



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