Move a class to a different course

Use these instructions if you ever need to move a class to a different course. Please be advised. The ONLY thing that you are changing when you do this is the course title and description. All codes, fees, enrollments, pending enrollments, drops, start/end dates and times, teachers, rooms and fees from the initial course association will remain in this newly associated class. Any students who were enrolled/pending/dropped in the class before it was moved to the new course will be enrolled in the newly updated class, and invoices and enrollment reports will reflect this change.

Find the 1 class that you want to move to a new course and click Edit to navigate to the Class Detail screen. Select 2 Move class to new course.

Select the 3 Course that you want to move this class to and click 4 Save.

Note that that the 5 course is now the new course that you just selected and saved. When you refresh the screen, the class title will be updated as well. Don't forget to 6 edit this class if you need to change the class code or any other details that need to be changed.

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