Register students for an after school program on the administrative portal

Use these instructions to register someone for an after school program on your ASAP admin site:

From the left navigation panel, select 'After School Enroll'. 

Search for the student under 'Find a child to add:' and click the search button. You will also see the link here to add a new student if you are unable to find them with this search. 

Select a time period from the dropdown menu, or leave it as 'All time periods' if you wish to select from all time periods. 

Next, Select your program from the dropdown. 

Choose the days the student will be attending, or select the 'no schedule' checkbox if you wish to do this step later.

Choose the billing cycle, based on what you have configured, and finally apply any discounts that may apply.

When finished, click the 'enroll' button.
You will then be directed to the invoice. If you chose to add the schedule, you will see each day as its own item on the invoice. This invoice will only charge the program fees, not the daily fee. This daily fee will not be charged until the first bill date.




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