Viewing & Editing After School Program Enrollments & Billing Schedules

Once a student is enrolled into an after school program, use these instructions to view and edit the subscription schedule:

First, you need to navigate to the event enrollment page for the student for the after school program. Do this one of two ways:

Via the After School Program

From the left nav panel, select 1 Find | After School Programs and search for the program (or simply click Search if you don't have many active after school programs). Next, 2 select the after school program.

From the After School Programs Details page for this after school program, select the 3 student name from the enrolled tab.

Via the Student Details Screen

From the left nav panel, select 1 Find | Students and locate the student. Select the 2 student record.

From the Active Enrollments tab, select either the 3 main program the student is enrolled in or one of the days (if applicable). Either will get you to where you need to go.

No matter how you navigated there, you will now be looking at the Event Enrollment screen. From here, select the 4 program link to go to the program detail screen, select the 5 student name to go back to the student record, select the 6 enrollment date to navigate to the invoice, select 7 drop this student from this program to drop the student from the program entirely, or select 8 view to view the invoice (step 8 takes you to the same place as step 8).

To drop a student from a specific day of the week, select 9 Drop (transfer is not functional) and to add the student to a session, select 10 Add Session. If you make changes to the subscription, select 11 Regenerate Billing Schedule to make the billing schedule reflect the new days that the student is registered for.

Scroll down to view the billing schedule. You will see a snapshot of the schedule 12 here, including whether the registrant is on a billing or an invoicing cycle, when the first billing date will be, the number of payments, the default payment amount and the schedule type. Select 13 Cancel Subscription to cancel all future bills. Select 14 Edit All Future Bills to edit all future bills that are currently scheduled. The lower section shows you more detail about the 15 upcoming bills including which payments are scheduled, when they will occur and what the scheduled amount is. To edit any individual future/unprocessed bill, select 16 Edit for that payment, to cancel any individual future/unprocessed bill, select 17 Cancel for that payment and to generate a bill in advance of the scheduled payment date, select 18 Generate Invoice for that bill. If you need to add a new invoice to this account, select 19 Add Invoice.

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