Setting Up Products

The Products Module is a separate element that you can add on to your standard ASAP package. It allows you to manage shipping, collect sales tax, and have another method to generate income for your organization.

After you have added the Products Module, do the following to create Products:

From the left nav panel, select 1 Products | Create Products. You will need at least one category for your products (you can use the same category again for other products and/or you can continue to create new products categories). Categories are the groupings that your customers will use to navigate your products on your public page. To create a new category, select 2 Add Category. Type a 3 Category Name and Code and click 4 Save Category.

Select the 5 Category (in this case, the one that you just created), type a 6 Product Number and a7 Product Name. Type the 8 Price for the product. If you use G|L accounts, select the 9 G|L account here. Select whether or not the product is 10 taxable (click here for more information about setting up sales tax). Type the 11 quantity of this amount of product that you have in stock (when you sell products, the quantity will be decreased). Type the 12 Cost of Goods and 13 upload images, if desired. Type a 14 Product Description.

Scroll down. Likely you will want to show the product online (if you don't want to show it online, you will only be able to sell the product via your admin site). To show this product online, select 15Show Online. Featured products are displayed prominently on the products page of your public website. To add this product to Featured Products, select 16 Add to Featured Products. These17 Options are not currently functional, but stay tuned for more information and updates on this functionality in the near future. Click 18 Save.

You will be brought to the Product Detail page. Review the details 19 here. If you are creating similar products, use 20 Create a Copy. This allows you to take the variables from a product and apply them to a new product, changing the details that are different and specific to the new product.

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    Lauren Magee

    Product Options - #17. What exactly is this? We're looking for a way to designate how a person receives a certain product (pick-up or mail), and if we could have them choose an option, that would be great. Or if they belong to a certain class, so we could find all customers related to one class, and have a product ready to hand out to them during class session.

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