Sell Products on Admin (Registrar)

This ends up putting you in the same place that the QuickReg method places you in. The difference is that in this case, you begin in Registrar Mode directly instead of being redirected there from QuickReg.

From the left nav panel, select 1 Switch View | Registrar Mode.

If you need to go back to the standard ASAP Admin screen, select 2 Back to Classic View. Type the 3 name of the student you are looking for and click Search. When you find the student you are looking for, click 4 Select. If you want to create a new student record, click 5 Add New and create a new student record.

If you have selected someone who is in a family, make sure the correct student has been6 selected. If the student is not associated with a family account, you won't need to select a student at this point. Select the correct 7 Item Type. Select the 8 correct Product Category, 9 Product and 10 Quantity. When finished, click 11 Add This Product.

If you need to add more items to this invoice, do so 12 here. If you need to delete the item from the invoice, select 13 Delete. If you need to cancel and exit the transaction, click 14 Cancel & Exit. To generate a new invoice, select 15 Generate Invoice. To add to an existing invoice, select the existing invoice and click 16 Add to Invoice.

Process the 17 invoice like you normally would.

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