Customer groups

Customer groups allow flexibility for things like sending emails, configuring discounts and priority registration because with customer groups, you can send to or apply these things to this specific customer group. Customer groups are also an option in some reports.

To configure a customer group, select configure>customer groups from the left navigation panel.

To use an existing customer group to edit, choose from the "Select a Student Group to modify:" dropdown menu. 

If you are intending to create a brand new customer group, simply click "Add new." 

Type the name for your new customer group and click save.

There is a checkbox "Show Online" that displays the Customer Group in the dropdown on the registration form for office staff and students to select. Check this box to display it to the student and office staff during registration. Otherwise, the only way to add this Customer Group to a student record is via Configure | Customer Groups or on the Student Details | Groups tab. This function helps keep the Customer Group list manageable for students to self-select or office staff to use.

Select the course group you want to add customers from. 

Select the course (or choose all courses). Select the specific class, (or all classes if you choose,) and lastly select the time period you want to pull the students from, and click search. You can also search for specific student names here.

Once you see your search results, click the green plus sign to the right of any customers you want to place in this group. If you need to remove anyone from the customer group, select the recycle bin to the right of that student and click save.

Now, if you set up priority registration, discounts or send an email with ASAP, you can send to this specific customer group.

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