Send Email with an Email Template

To send an email with an existing template, begin by selecting 1 Configure | Manage Emails from the left nav panel. Select the 2 customers you want to send to. This example is sending to all students in the system. If you select another item, like Class, you will be able to choose which specific class you want to send to with additional drop downs.

You can send using the following filters: Class, Teacher / Time / Day, Resource / Time / Day, Customer Group, Time Period, Enrollment Type, All Customers, Staff, Product and Location.

If you want to type an email address to send to, type it 3 here and click Add Recipient. When you have selected your recipient(s), click 4 Next Step - Compose.

Select the 5 Email Type / template that you want to use. Make any 6 changes to the from address, subject and 7 body of the template and 8 save any changes that you have made. If you want to go back and view/edit your recipients, click 9 Previous step - recipients. If you are ready to send the email, click 10 Next step Preview & Send.

If you want to clear the recipients, click the 11 recycle bin to the right of the recipient you want to remove or Clear All Recipients to remove all the recipients.If you want to add a new recipient, type the email address of the recipient and click 12 Add Recipient. Review the 13 Message. If you want to send a copy to the sender (likely yourself), tick 14 this box. If you want to make any changes to the email, click 15 Previous Step - Compose. If you are happy with the email, click 16 Send email.

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    How long does the email take to send?

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