Send an Email to a Specific Class

When you start using ASAP, there are automatically 4 email templates in your system: Password Reset, Payment, Payment Due and Reminder.

Payment and payment due templates go out automatically. Password Reset emails go out when a registrant uses the forgot password link on your public ASAP site. Reminder emails go out automatically if you configure your system to do this.

These are the only emails that go out automatically.

If you want to send out an email to a specific course or class or with specific course or class information, you have three options:

1. Configure an email template for the course or class in Configure | Manage Emails. Once the template is configured, you may use it to send emails to your selected group from the email wizard.

2. Add links and / or PDFs to your payment or your reminder email templates. These instructions show you how to edit your organization's invoices (the payment template), but the instructions are the same if you want to add anything to the payment due or the reminder email template. You could add links to information for several courses or classes here, and the information would appear every time these templates go out.

3. edit additional information for courses and/or classes. Do this as you would edit any other information for courses or classes. Additional course information appears on printed invoices and email confirmations, and on your Public Site. Additional Class Information appears in the Full Description areas of your Public Site and is available in the Course Catalog Report as Class Notes and Materials.

Note: if you add/remove or edit additional course information for a course, the change will be made only to the course additional information, not to the additional information fields for the classes that were built from the course. If you make any new classes from the course with the edited additional information, the edited text will be reflected in the new classes, but any existing classes from this course will retain whatever additional information it has/doesn't have until you change the additional information in the class details page for each class built from that course.
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