Failed Transactions Report


This report allows you to see all failed transactions for a generalized time frame (This Year, This Week,etc.) or a specified range by selecting dates. Make your selection and click the Filter button. You can also change the operation sign so that it is something other than = and type what you are looking for in the box. For example you can search for a Reason Code that is not equal to the credit card has expired.

This report shows the transaction date, invoice id, first name, last name and reason code.

The variables in the columns can be collected with the symbol at the top of each column. Select the symbol that you want to use and type the variable that you want to see based on that symbol.

This report can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet and as a PDF.

Just to note, the only Failed Transactions that will show come from invoices generated by an admin. If a payment fails when a customer is enrolling themselves online, we remove the invoice entirely from our database. This is done so that the customer is not occupying any space due to capacity/inventory reasons. We do not void the invoice, we outright delete them and all associated information in ASAP. The only way to find these specific failed transactions are directly in your payment gateway since we do not store this information. The only failed payments that display are when an admin attempts to take a payment for a customer and that payment fails.

One more note, not all payment gateways send over a response code as to why a payment may fail. If you do not see one listed, you'll need to check directly with your payment gateway as to why the payment did not process. Remember, the failure messages come directly from the payment gateway and we have no way on our end to actually change this. We only display the response that they give us.

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