Program Memberships: Overview

Program memberships are designed to give you more flexibility with pricing and sales. They can be set up in a number of ways.

All three types of setup require that you have set up customer types and have the membership module turned on.

Here are three common ways that program memberships may be set up, from simplest to more complex:

1. One program membership, single price to purchase a membership and single reduction for courses/classes

  • this is the simplest of the three examples, and it assumes that you are selling one membership at one membership purchase price and that you are setting up your courses/classes with only one member class registration fee/tuition (and one default fee). This membership would be set up for individuals or for families but not for both.

2. Multiple price levels to purchase the same membership and a single membership reduction for courses/classes

  • this is a bit more complex than the first example. In this case, you have multiple purchase prices for memberships but you only have one reduced membership class registration fee/tuition for courses/classes (and one default fee). You might sell the same membership with the same benefits to every type of customer who wants to buy the membership, for example Regular Member, Regular Family, Senior and Youth. A Youth purchasing a membership might pay a different price for the membership than a Senior, but both the Youth and the Senior customer types will be given the same reduced rate for courses/classes.

3. Multiple memberships and multiple membership reductions for course/class fees/tuition

  • this is the most complex of the three most common types of membership. This assumes that you have multiple memberships that are sold at multiple prices and that each of those levels will receive different reduced registration fees/tuition for courses/classes.  For example, you might have a setup with Gold, Silver and Bronze membership levels. In this setup, each level is paying a different price for the membership and will be receiving different reduced fees for courses/classes. This is probably the least common setup as it requires a great deal of recordkeeping and attention to detail.
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