Setting Up Member Level Course Fees and Customer/Public Experience

Once you have set up memberships, you will likely want to set up member price levels for courses or classes. These instructions are using examples created at the course level. As usual, fees set up at the course level will automatically be applied to any classes that you create after you have created those course fees or will be applied to existing classes if you set/amend the course fees and select Apply Course Fees to Existing Classes. Instructions for creating fees at the class level are identical to these, the only difference being that the fees are being created at the class rather than the course.

In Edit Course Details, begin setting fees as you normally would, beginning with the 1 Default Fee, selecting a G|L account if your organization uses G|L accounts and clicking Add Fee.

Click here to learn about setting up G|L accounts and here to learn about setting up courses (with fees) and here to learn about setting up classes (with fees).

Select the 2 Membership you are creating a fee for from the Alternate fee(s) dropdown. If the fee will have discounts (or might have discounts in the future), select 3 Discountable. Select the 4 fee type, type the 5 fee amount and if you are using G|L accounts, select the 6 G|L account from the G|L account dropdown. Click 7 Add Fee. Repeat as needed by clicking 8 Additional Fee Options and repeat steps 2-7. When finished, click 9 Save.

This is an example of a class with the fees from the course above (either because the class was created after the course or because the course fees were applied to the existing classes based on the course with the copy course fees to existing classes link). Note that there are 10 two different fees, one for the default/regular customer and a reduced fee for customers who are Annual Western Media Arts Center and Museum members. As with all class fees, note that each fee can be 11 deleted and you can also add 12 additional fees to the class (as you normally would).

This is what the 13 class details screen might look like after you have created a default and a membership fee.

When a customer selects this class on your public site, the 14 default fee will be visible, both in the list of classes and in the shopcart. This is because reduced membership fees only become visible when someone is also purchasing a membership or has logged in and already has a membership associated with his/her account.

Note that the class fee is now the 15 reduced member fee because the 16 associated membership is also in the shopcart.

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