Create multiple registration forms

ASAP offers the ability to have multiple Registration Forms (reg forms) for different types of students or registrants, age group, or a specific course/class/camp. Reg forms can be customized to collect different pieces of data from your registrants when they create their account.  All student names and demographic data can be listed and sorted using the Student Report.  ASAP provides a checklist of common data fields for you to select to include in your reg form.

To create a registration form, go to Configure > Reg Forms and click on Create a new form.  The form builder will be displayed with the available fields to be selected. Select which fields you would like to include by checking the boxes on the left side of each item. 

There are two rows of checkboxes, visible and required. If you check “visible”, a question will show online but a student will not have to answer it.  To make the field required, check the required box on the right side as well.  You can also change the field/question name by clicking on the question itself. A modal window will pop up where you can edit or change the name of that question, but do not change the type of data each field collects.  (Please note: Editing the name allows you to change a field name from Address to Home Address, for example, but it must still be an address field).

ASAP also offer ability to our clients to create custom question on existing registration form. If you wish to add a custom question to your new form, click on Add a new question in the upper right corner of each section, create a new question, select answer type, and save. This question will now show on the registration form you just created.

Once fields are selected, click preview to see how this will display for your customers.

Before finishing configuring your registration form, make sure to set a rule at the top of the registration form. This rule will dictate when the form will appear. For example, you could set a registration form to appear with the rule set to program. This means that you configure a program (to be shown or not shown online), and place the course groups you want to place within the program. When any class within that program is selected on your public registration site, the student will see the registration form that you set up based on a program rule.

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