I want to charge a fee per student per time period. How do I do this?

You might want to charge a Time Period Registration Fee instead of other fees or in addition to other fees. This is a fee that is charged once per registrant / per Time Period. To set up a Time Period Registration Fee, do the following:

1. Find and click Edit to the right of the Time Period you want to add the fee to (or create a new Time Period)
2. Towards the bottom of the shaded area, type the amount of the Time Period Registration Fee. If you are using G|L accounts, assign a G|L code to this fee
3. Save the changes you made

Now, when anyone registers for a class in the Time Period with the fee, the registrant will be charged Time Period Registration Fee, in addition to any other Course/Class fees you are charging, the first time he/she registers in that time period

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