What do the different Class Status definitions mean?

An ACTIVE class is available in find classes, available online, and is still scheduled to occur. Active classes display in the Course Catalog.
A CLOSED class may have been active, may have enrollments, has been closed to new enrollments by editing its status, and is still scheduled to occur.  A CLOSED class does not appear online.  In Admin, this closed class does not appear in quick enroll choices, so no additional students can be enrolled or added, but does appear in Find Classes.
A CANCELLED class can be set by editing the status (not recommended if there are enrollments)or by actually cancelling the class (recommended), and is no longer scheduled to occur.  A Cancelled class will not display online.  In Admin, it will not display in quick-enroll, it will display in Find Classes.  To Cancel a class, find the class, view details, from event detail page, click on "Cancel this class". All students in the enrolled roster will be dropped. A pop-up will appear asking if you want to "Issue Refunds", "Issue credits" or "Leave as is" for all students in the enrolled roster. Selecting "Issue credits", will credit each student account for the price of the class. Selecting "Issue Refunds" will not process a refund back to a credit card, it will simply note on each original invoice that a manual refund must be processed by cutting a check or refunding to auth.net. If refunding, print out the class roster prior to cancelling.  After cancelling, go to each invoice and print and cut check. 
READ ONLY classes can be set by editing the class status.  Read only classes will display online. Instead of "Register now!" it will say "Read only". This allows the organization to show a class online, but restrict registrations to only in-office or at the event.  Specific instructions such as "enroll in office" can be added to the "Additional Information" field on the specific class edit event detail page.

FULL classes are classes that have reached capacity and do not have waitlist enabled for the class. You can't change a class status to FULL. This happens automatically.
In Admin, Read only classes will display in find classes, will display in quick enroll. Read only classes do not currently display in the Course Catalog.

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