What's the difference between program membership, customer groups and customer types?

At first, it might seem that these things have a lot in common, but they are actually very different from each other, offering different capabilities and functions.

Program Membership
A program membership is something you can sell to a customer. Membership is designed to be something you can:
  • Charge for (meaning, you charge people to purchase the membership)
  • Give different pricing for your courses/classes
  • Have an expiration date for memberships
Customer Groups
Customer Groups are designed to:
  • Be non fee-based (meaning that you don't charge people to belong to a customer group)
  • Give discounts and set priority registration based on customer groups
  • Be ongoing/not have an expiration date
  • Be an organizational tool for grouping customers for reporting and communication purposes
Customer Types
Customer Types are designed to:
  • Allow you to set up registration forms based on different criteria (you might ask for different information from seniors than you would from youth registrants)
  • Associate customer types with memberships (you might charge a different price for a youth to become a member than you would an adult, and customer types allow you to do this)
  • Give different pricing for your courses/classes (separate from membership)
  • Be ongoing/not have an expiration date
  • Include examples such as Youth, Senior, Resident/Non-Resident, Volunteer, Employee, Adult, etc.
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