I don't see anything in my Transaction Report. What's going on?

In the Transaction Report, you will only see completed transactions.  This means if an invoice is unpaid or pending, that transaction will not show up in this report.

You may also run Transaction Reports for specific customers by viewing the invoices for a specific student in Student Details and selecting View Transactions Details Report.  If this report shows no results, it is because during the date range you specified, there weren't any valid, completed transactions. 

The dates in the ASAP system are almost always as of 12:01AM of the specified date. Classes can be configured to start and stop on the same date, but for most reports, dates are always 12:01am so you will need to select one day and the next day in order to get data for the 24 hour range.

Also, for the Transaction report, the two different filters "Between Dates" and "For Last" are exclusive.  You must select one or the other, but not both.

So to get the results for July 1, you need to select the radial button for Between Dates and select between dates July 1 and July 2.  To get yesterday's data, select the radial button: For Last and select yesterdayThis Week will run a report for the current week from Monday-Sunday.

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