I'm getting a message that wants me to register my device. What's happening?

The device manager tool is designed for large organizations that have multiple staff members logging in on multiple devices. It helps these larger organizations keep track of which machines are receiving which funds. Most organizations that use ASAP don't use this tool, but someone at your organization may have accidentally turned this feature on.

When this happens, you will see a Register your device message. Users at organizations that DO use this tool should register the device they are working on here (if your cache is cleared, the system might not remember that you have already set your device).

Users at organizations that do NOT use this tool should do the following:

  • Navigate to the Configure | Preferences window
  • In the Preference section, make sure that Track computers and devices to transactions is set to NO (select Edit on the bottom right of this section to change this item to NO and save changes)


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