Add images to your course groups/courses/staff, etc.

There are many areas within your ASAP admin site where you can post images. As long as the image is a JPG and is under 4M in file size, you can post anything that you want to including images you have taken for your organization and any images you have paid for or are royalty free (Microsoft, for example, has a thousands of available images to download). 

This example shows Courses, but you will find this funtionality available in many areas of ASAP.

Typically, look for an 1 upload button. Select Upload, navigate to the image on your computer and upload it. There are some sections that also include a toolbar that will let you post in the 2 body of the text. If you see 3 this button, position your cursor where you want the image to be, click the button, locate and upload the image. 

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