Add a Message to a Page

Adding a message to a page (custom messaging) allows you to customize and swap out / edit the text at the header and footer most of the pages within your ASAP public site. This is useful to communicate important messages to your customers, specific to particular pages.

You may add new messaging and edit existing messaging on this tab.

After you have navigated to this screen via Configure | Online Registration Site, select 1 Add a Message to a Page

Select the 2 page you want to add the message to. If you only want to see pages where you already have custom messaging, select the 3 only show pages with existing messages tick box. If you want to add a message on a page for a specific location, choose a location 4 here (most organizations leave this as all locations). Type your 5 message here, remembering that you have access to all of the buttons to add formatting/content to this page.

When finished, 6 save your changes.


See which pages support Messages.



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