Customize your home page

Your homepage is a space where you can post announcements, promotions, or any other information you wish to inform your clients about. In addition to that, you can add images, files, or anything else you think it is important for your clients to see when they open your online registration site.

To customize your home page, start in Configure | Online Registration Site. From the offered options select (1) Customize your homepage, and select (2) location. In the window below, you can type a message, and using the (3) tools offer on the top the window, you can customize the message the way you want to. You can also (4) upload a file or an image using the image or document manager button. When you are done editing your homepage, click on save to make sure you save the changes you just made.



If you wish to remove a message or an image from the homepage, just go back to the customize your homepage section, delete the content, delete the HTML, and save. 

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