Cancelling a class

Cancelling a class is a quick and easy way of dropping all students while preventing future enrollments from occurring. A cancelled class will still appear in a class search as well as on your online public registration site, but will show as "cancelled". Let's go over the steps on how to cancel a class.

First, find the class you want to cancel. When you are on the class detail page, find the "I want to..." Dropdown menu. From the dropdown options, select "Cancel this class."


You will then be prompted to select whether you want to cancel the entire class or specific instances of this class, how you want to handle the student fees, and if you want to email the students to notify them of the class cancellation.

Let's go over each of the fields and what each check box will do:

"Would you like to cancel a single instance of the class, or cancel the class entirely?"

All Class Instances - This will cancel any remaining classes left in the schedule.

One Specific Class - Selecting this will bring up a drop down of the remaining classes on the schedule. You'll be given an option of which specific date you would like to cancel.


"Do you want to email the students to let them know of the cancellation?"

Yes/No - An email will be sent to the primary account of the customer indicating the class is cancelled if "Yes" is selected.

Once you are satisfied with the options you have selected, click the "complete cancellation" link. Another pop up will display giving you options on how to handle the enrollments of the students.  If you have chosen to Cancel All Class Instances, you will get to choose whether you want to drop all the students or not:

The two options are to either keep the student's enrollment the same or to drop them. This is dependent on how you would like to handle a cancelled class.

If you have chosen to cancel One Specific Class, you will also get a popup box, but you will only get the choice of: No, Cancel the class but do not drop students:

If you cancelled all class instances, a confirmation on this page will show the class having been cancelled. Below is an example from a different class that was cancelled completely:


Once you go back to the class detail page, you will see that the word "cancelled" is now featured as the status. 

If you have chosen to cancel one class instance, when you go back to the class and look in the Schedule tab, you will see the date that you cancelled now says Excluded in the Status column:


In either situation, if you want to credit students or issue refunds for students who have paid for the class, or adjust the price of the class for students who have not paid, you will need to go to the invoice of each student and take the action you want there.

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