Adjusting payment allocations

You may need to reallocate a payment on an invoice to attribute a payment to one item instead of another. This is especially common on invoices with partial payments.

Before you attempt to do this, make sure that your user access level is configured to be able to view and edit invoice items.

First start by going to the invoice that you would like to reallocate the payments on. From the invoice, notice that the amount paid is listed and the payment details are listed, but there is no way to know what portion of the invoice was reduced / paid for when the payment was made:

To see the details of how the payments were allocated and to be able to reallocate the payment, select the "Actions" button and Reallocate Payments:

From this screen, you will see a few different options. To review and reallocate payment, select the transaction you want to reallocate in the drop down "Please select transaction to allocate":

In this scenario, we only have one transaction to allocate, so let's go ahead and select that. Note the item name, item amount and payment allocation. In this scenario, the full $125 has been allocated to the first item:

However, I may want to update how this payment is spread. My preference would be to spread this payment across all the items with the remaining amount to be left towards the registration fee. Type any new allocations you want to make and click Update Payment Allocation.

Note the updated payment allocations. Just a reminder, the amount allocated when selected on the drop down MUST ADD UP to the total amount of the payment. If not, an error message will be thrown indicating that the amount is incorrect and to set it correctly:

Once done, just select to go "Back To Invoice Detail" to bring you back to the invoice page.

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