Creating registration questions for a specific course

You might want to create a custom course question for a variety of reasons. Maybe you have an after care course and you want to know where each student will be coming from, have a film course and want to get suggestions from new registrants or want to ask registrants for a particular course whether they would be interested in volunteering for this specific course. Custom course questions are a great way to get the answers to these types of questions that are specific to a course.

To set up custom course questions, do the following:

From the left nav panel, select 1 Find | Courses, 2 search for the course you are looking for and when you find it, click 3 view details for that course. Scroll to the middle of the page and click 4Add Custom Questions and 5 Add.

Type the 6 question you are asking, select or deselect whether or not you want the question to be7 required (if an answer is required, a student will not be able to complete registration without providing an answer to the question), select 8 text box or drop down (drop down will prompt you to provide answer options)

NOTE! when creating dropdown answer options, make sure to use ONLY alphanumeric characters, letters and numbers only. Don't use anything other than letters and numbers in these response options.

Click 9 Save. Repeat steps 5-9 for each course question you want to ask.

When a student registers for the class on your public ASAP site, they will see the question before processing payment and will be given 10 drop down options (if you created drop down questions) or a text box (if you provided a text box question).

If you are registering students on admin with Quick Enroll, these custom course questions will appear at the top of Quick Enroll and you can answer on behalf of the student when both the student and the class are selected.

When you have answers in your system, they will be visible if you select Show Course Questions and Answers in the Class Roster Report.

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    Paul Spencer

    Is there a way to stop this question from appearing on one particular class? In some cases we're using custom questions to add notes that the families won't know how to answer when they're first filling in the form.

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