Editing a conference attendee's session schedule

The Conference Session Enrollment Manager allows you to better manage registrants who are enrolled in conference sessions. Now, it's much easier to add sessions and drop sessions for registrants.

Please note that you are not able to transfer a student in conferences. If you need to transfer a student from one session to another, drop the student from the session and add the correct session (with the steps below.

Find the conference and select the 1 student who's schedule needs adjusting.

For the session that needs to be added, click 2 Add session, select the 3 session you want to add and click 4 Add Selected Session.

If you want to Drop the student from a session, click Drop.

If you want to change the student to a different session in the timeslot, you need to drop the student from the original session and then click Add Session to put the student in the new session.

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